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About Royce Weatherly

Born 1957 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Lives in Maplewood, New Jersey

Royce makes still life paintings of ordinary objects but what happens when something is painted is the real subject of his  work.   In theory it shouldn’t matter which ordinary object he chooses to paint but it never seems to work out that way. Painting is an anachronistic discipline. A walk on the beach looking for things to paint seems like a straightforward, even elegant proposal that can quickly become problematic – which crab claw looks best...is this broken shell worth painting...waves always look fake in paint. The beauty of the moment, the dumbfounding abundance of light and space and water and we little specks looking at even littler specks – it all becomes quicksilver when we try to hold it in paint or even prose. The attempt to represent those moments is a privilege, the challenge is holding those moments lightly with focus.

Selected Exhibitions
1992-                    Galerie Jousse -Seguin, Paris, France

1993-                    Galerie Ludwig, Krefeld, Germany, Solo exhibition
1996-                    Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York, NY, Solo exhibition
1997-                    Kohn-Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca., Solo exhibition
                             Galerie Limmer, Koln, Germany, Solo exhibition
2012-                    Bogart Salon, Brooklyn, NY, ‘Modesty: a Policy’
2013-                    Art Helix, New York, NY
2013-14                 Louvre Museum, Paris, France, ‘Living Rooms’ Exhibition
2014-                    Art Helix, Brooklyn, NY
2017-                    Watermill Center, Watermill, NY, ‘Looking Slowly’

2017                     Inga Maren Otto Fellow, Watermill Center
2015                    Guggenheim Fellow